This is my small gallery- click on picture to enlarge. I will add more turnings soon, just when I make some good-ones, and photograph them!
This vase was made of lithuanian alder, it has very nice texture. #011 Sold.
I made this one of an old elm, traditional hardwood. #012 Sold.
And this is made of maple, light color, with inlays made by Holy Nature. #013
Maple too, the shape is as told by my intuition, I just turned not thinking much what the shape will be. #014
And this is my favorite and perhaps the best if talking about the shape. I made it of spalted birch, exclusive texture! #015
While turning this one, I was thinkig about form of lightness,maybe this vase is something close to that? #016
This one is made of a little spalted birch, has some pigmental spots and scratches, made by forest bugs. #017
I call this vase "Simplicity", and its texture- the great painting of nature is very nice. #018
Birch vase (I like turning birch very much) Spalted a little, has some spots of different colors. #019
I think this elm vase turned really good... Am I right? #020

If you would like to have a vase from this gallery at home, contact me greenforestlt@yahoo.com

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